Ghulaam – Rangeela takes an oath


Rangeela’s friend gives a good news to him. He is becoming a father and shares the news with Rangeela and Shivani. Rangeela gets Maldawali’s call. She spoils all the happiness. She flirts with Rangeela. She apologizes that she could not meet him since much time. He gets angry and asks her to stop nonsense. She asks why did she call him. She asks him to scold more. She informs him about Veer getting an innocent girl forcibly. He thanks Maldawali for the news. Shivani gets jealous seeing Rangeela talking to Maldawali.

Shivani and Rangeela worry and think to save the girl from Veer. Rangeela tells her that he has got the brides in sack in village before, he has done all the crimes which Veer said, but now he will not let wrong happen with any girl. Rangeela swears on Shivani that he will not let any girl get troubled in Berahampur. He says Veer can rule this way, Veer can’t kidnap that girl, no girl will come in sacks now, I will free that girl. He swears to get every girl respected in his village. Rangeela takes an oath to change Berahampur. Will he succeed? Keep reading.


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