Ishqbaaz to take a short leap

New twists with Zain Iman and Mandana Karimi's entry in Ishqbaaz

Shivay does not know if he was living a lie till now. He is left devastated. He asks her how could she do this with his family. Anika asks Shivay to divide the family property. Anika tells them why they all use Shivay for their benefits. She creates a big scene by her decision. She tells the family that Shivay and she will move out of the houe. Shivay gets raged by her words.

Pinky asks Shivay to throw Anika out of the house. Anika insults Pinky for interfering between them. Shivay sides with Pinky, making her glad. Dadi shouts on Anika for asking for house division. Shivay assures Dadi that he will not let this house break. Anika stays adamant to have her share. Shivay asks her to stop it. He cancels his remarriage decision and asks her to leave from his house. He regrets that Anika is his wife. He rectifies his mistake. He throws the divorce papers on her face. He takes a shocking decision to divorce her. He ends all ties with her. He announces his divorce decision in the media. Anika demands alimony. Shivay throws her out of the house. Anika is left shattered and lonely. Shivay and Anika will be meeting again, post the short leap in the show, which will introduce new characters. Keep reading.


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