Ishita to mend Raman-Adi’s bond in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shocking twist in YHM

Adi realizes his mistake of booking the hotel for the next day. He tells the family that he has done the wrong booking, its his mistake. Raman says Aaliya has taken the responsibility, its her fault, she should have checked again. Ishita asks them to stop arguing publicly. Ruhi finds a solution and sends the elders. Adi apologizes to Aaliya. Ishita and Ruhi manage everything. Adi and Aaliya feel sided. Ishita asks Aaliya to order the food and check things on time. Aaliya and Adi try to help everyone.

Adi does not like to help Raman. He refuses to go in party, but Aaliya convinces him. Bhallas reach the other venue for the birthday celebrations. Raman and Adi’s arguments continue. Ishita gets glad seeing Aaliya managing the food arrangements. Mr. Bhalla likes the surprise by the family. Ishita finds Shagun missing from the party. Raman speaks some good things about his dad. Everyone says a few words about Mr. Bhalla. The party gets pleasing for everyone. Ishita gets busy with the guests and skips calling Shagun. Aaliya fails to realize Shagun’s absence. Adi gives tribute to Mr. Bhalla, which turns upsetting for Raman.


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