Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Sasural Simar Ka: Roshni is facing more troubles. Roshni wanted the newspaper editor to tell the truth to Mata ji about the NGO scam. The man changes his statement. He apologizes to Roshni and says I will not lie and cheat my profession because of money. Roshni says why will I bribe you, you are lying, stop your drama. Mata ji says Roshni is lying. She apologizes to the man. Mata ji scolds Roshni. Everyone talks of making Roshni leave from the house.

Karan plays Guitar and sings, while Nirmala plays the Sitar. They have a musical combo. Meghna and Naina enjoy the music. They are very happy. Meghna asks Naina how did she get this idea. Naina says Vishal has given this idea to me. Meghna says I should have understood this, Karan should be happy from heart, music is connected to his heart, he would enjoy playing music. Naina says if Karan stays mentally happy, his illness will get off soon. Naina is doing everything for Karan. She is given the 15 days challenge. She is focusing on Karan’s illness. Naina is happy to see Karan’s willingness to recover. Karan is also putting efforts to help Naina succeed. Karan thanks Naina for keeping all the musical instruments in his room.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki has come back home. Thapki and Lovely come face to face. Thapki confronts Lovely for taking her place at home. Lovely laughs on her and tells how she has got her family in her hands. Thapki says I have to end your game in front of everyone, even Lord wanted this so Lord has given me strength to come back.


Ragini gives a surprise to Vivaan. Vivaan drinks wine and recalls Imli. Ragini takes Vivaan and shows the three pretty girls to accompany him for his party. He asks him to keep any girl he wants. Vivaan gets much drunk. He tells Ragini that he will not go in any party. He sees Imli there and makes her jealous. He changes his mind and tells Ragini that he will take all the girls along. Imli scolds the girls and says he is my husband, he does not need any stranger. Imli rages in jealousy. Vivaan does not listen to Imli. Imli stops him from going with the girls. She asks the girls to leave from the haveli.

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