Virendra manages to meet Chandrakanta


Chandrakanta was worried for Virendra. She was shedding tears because of Kroor Singh’s manipulations. She heard Virendra fell in big problem and cries for him. Virendra comes there to solve the problems. Chandrakanta gets too happy seeing Virendra. She is relieved seeing him fine. They have a hug. Virendra has faced many problems. He tells her that he has met many storms on the way and told the storms to give him a way as he has to meet his love Chandrakanta, then the storms changed their way to let me cross my journey. Chandrakanta smiles hearing his sweet words.

He asks her why is she worried. She says I m worried because of Kroor Singh, he has hypnotized Maharaj, he tells everything what Kroor Singh makes him say. She asks him to do something. Chandrakanta gets angry on Kroor Singh in the Rajsabha. Maharaj asks her to mind her language and not say bad to Kroor Singh. She asks him to see Kroor Singh’s truth, how he decide anything without knowing the matter. She angrily leaves from the Sabha. Will Virendra be able to expose Kroor Singh? Keep reading.


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