Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Naamkarann: DD tells Neil that someone came to meet them. Neil’s family gets surprised seeing Maddy Bua and her daughter Kareena. Avni has won Bebe’s heart once again. Bebe and everyone praise Avni. Avni has saved Maddy Bua and got her home. Maddy tells Bebe that Avni came as an angel and saved her. Neil is happy that Avni has done the work which he could not. He tried to tackle the situation. Avni has impressed Neil by doing such a big thing. Bebe gets tensed seeing Maddy hurt. She faints by stress.

Saathiya: The Modi family mourns for Ricky. Jaggi gets Kokila and Gopi from the jail to attend the grief ceremony. Gopi is in shock. Vidya asks Gopi to say something, Ricky is no more. Jaggi says Ricky has cheated us and went, look at him. Sameera goes to put flowers near the photo. Kokila stops Sameera and says you will not do anything for Ricky, you are responsible for her death. Sameera acts as Ricky’s widow. She says Ricky was my husband, I will do everything for his soul peace. She does the drama to injure herself. Kokila asks Sameera to stop the drama and leave.


Shivay has got trapped in Anika’s plans. Anika tries to recreate their romance and love. She gets perfect timing moment when Shivay comes to her rescue. They have a moment. Shivay acts rude, but loves her a lot. Anika realizes Shivay is not expressing himself. Anika sees Shivay hiding behind the curtains. She sees him and makes him jealous, by flirting with a guy on call. She sings happily and gets ready for her date. She finally gets a reaction from Shivay. She wants Shivay to care for her. She intentionally falls, reaching close to him. Shivay holds her to support.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira dance in the party. A girl compliments Kartik for his wonderful dance. Kartik teases Naira for becoming a coal by jealousy. Naira says I m not a bit jealous. He says you are not reacting as you know I m very sincere and loyal to you. She says just you get jealous, being stupid. Kartik says I will prove your jealousy. Naira does not show her jealousy to him. He goes and hugs his old friend. He compliments her. She says I have missed you a lot, you are still charming and handsome. She asks Kartik for a dance. The girl finds Naira pretty and calls Kartik a lucky guy. The girl asks Naira to let Kartik enjoy in the party.


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