Raman and Ishita take a call for Adi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Shagun’s move to misguide Adi angers Raman. Shagun and Raman gets into an argument over Adi’s business. Shagun wants Adi to work independently. She tells him how the investors are ready to support Adi. Raman tells Shagun that Adi will take his family business ahead. He asks her to stop breaking his house. Raman wants Adi to do business ethically. He finds Adi’s clients wishing wrong for Adi. Shagun asks Raman not to blame him for little things. Shagun feels insulted by Raman. Shagun complains to Ishita and Aaliya what Raman did. Ishita believes Raman will think the best for Adi. She asks Shagun not to fill Aaliya’s ears. Adi learns the matter. Shagun complains about Raman. Adi asks Shagun not to worry for his future. Raman defends himself. Adi gets fed up by the daily drama at home. He wants the stress to get away. Ishita finds Adi and Aaliya’s married life suffering because of elders’ issues regarding business. Ishita shares her concern with Raman.

Shagun tries to influence Raman again. She leaves the business proposal decision to him. Ishita gets to hear their conversation. Adi does not want to hurt Raman. Aaliya asks Adi to go and talk to Raman to set few things clear. Ishita asks Adi and Aaliya to leave for honeymoon. She feels they deserve a change. Ishita learns Pihu’s problem from Ruhi. Ruhi assures Ishita that she will find out what is Pihu hiding. Adi borrows some time from Raman to discuss his future plans. He apologizes to Raman for not mentioning his name in the speech. Raman understands him well. Adi asks Raman his opinion about accepting the client’s offer. Raman asks Adi to show his proposal to him and take money from him as investment in his project. Adi gets thankful to him. Raman asks Adi to take a break and go for honeymoon. Adi agrees to him. Raman informs Ishita about Adi’s decision. Aaliya gets delighted to leave for honeymoon.


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