Chakor succeeds to shut the gun factory in Udaan


The gun factory gets shut. The villagers celebrate. Bhaiya ji takes this initiative to win Tejaswini and Suraj. Chakor burns the gun crates. Chakor happily gives sweets to the villagers. Suraj gets heartbroken seeing Chakor and Ajay. Chakor offers sweets to Ajay. Suraj gets angry on her. He goes to drink. Imli stops him from drinking. Suraj gets too sensitive. Imli always cared for Suraj. She does not want Suraj and Chakor to fight. She asks him not to doubt on Chakor.

Bhuvan asks Chakor to have sweets. The villagers play dhol and celebrate. The gun factory caused many troubles for the villagers. Ajay has helped Chakor a lot. Imli did not wish Vivaan to do any crime. She is happy that Vivaan is free of all crimes now. Bhuvan congratulates Chakor and Imli. Bhuvan says Chakor has brought this happiness in the village, the kids will get educated and not make guns now. Chakor feels Imli did not forgive her till now. She tries to end Imli’s annoyance.


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