Kartik and Manish’s terms to spoil again in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Manish had an argument because of Suwarna. Kartik is very angry. He breaks things in his room. Naira asks him to stop it. He tells Naira about Manish’s support for Suwarna. Naira asks him what’s wrong if a husband takes a stand for a wife, if anyone tells against me, will you not take a stand for me, will you not support me. She explains him with love and calms him down. Kartik hugs her. He says Manish always does this, whenever I feel like trusting him, he does something which breaks my trust. She says Manish did not do anything wrong. Kartik says I don’t want any arguments, Manish always makes issues of small things, he does not leave any option for me. He apologizes to her. Naira feels its important to make Kartik and Manish’s relation strong. She understands Suwarna is not wrong.

On the other hand, Dadi and Surekha take Kirti’s proposal for Naksh. She sees Kirti happy with the Singhania family. She blesses Naksh and Kirti. She feels Kirti will be happy in Singhanias, who really hold good values. Naksh and Kirti’s love story will be progressing. Dadi waits for Naksh’s nod for the alliance. Will Naksh and Kirti agree for marriage? Keep reading.


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