Mock romance, plotting and more lined in Naamkarann


Bebe worries for Neil and Avni’s relation. Avni gets to hear Bebe and Shweta talking outside the room. Avni worries for the relation truth coming out. Avni starts dancing for Neil, leaving him shocked. She signs him about Bebe watching them. Avni and Neil dance romantically, ending Bebe’s doubt on their marriage. Neil and Avni come close while acting. Bebe gets angry on Riya for lying to her. Avni tells Neil that she has seen someone at the door. Bebe asks Shweta why is she making wrong rumors about Neil and Avni. Prakash gets disappointed with Shweta. He asks Bebe to forget the matter. Riya apologizes to Bebe. Shweta gets Neil and Riya’s wedding invitation card and thinks to give a shock to Bebe. Prakash asks Shweta not to get in Riya’s words.

Avni shows the right path to Aman. She asks him to be good hearted. She reminds him all his crimes. She tells him to win her trust and respect. She asks him to give her some time to forget all those bitter things. She encourages him to become Aman from Amol.

Avni stares at Neil and smiles. Neil finds Avni staring at him and teases her. Shweta and Riya plant the card in the papers to show Bebe. Aman thinks to study and make himself busy. He wants to do something in life and make a career. Kareena helps Aman. Avni asks Aman not to ask Neil for any favor. She asks him to give re exams and score more marks to get admission in his desired course. Kareena tells Neil about Aman’s admission. She asks him to help Aman. Neil thanks her for informing. He decides to help Aman. Bebe gets to see Neil and Riya’s wedding card.


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