Fallacy around Avni’s pregnancy begins in Naamkarann


Aman saves Avni from the big problem. Aman tears the invitation card and stops Avni’s house from breaking. Bebe does not see Riya’s name with Neil. Aman confronts Riya for her move. He asks her not to do anything bad with Avni, as Neil and Avni gave them a roof over their head. Aman warns Riya against harming Avni.

Avni tells Neela how Neil supported her and brought Aman and Riya home. Neela praises Neil. Neela asks Avni to stay in Neil’s house and keep the promise to Bebe. She asks Avni to join the broken relations of Shweta and Bebe. Avni tries to show Shweta’s goodness to Bebe. She does not know Shweta is planning against her. Neela knows Avni is true and values relations. Avni decides to thank Neil by joining his family.

Riya meets Dayavanti and tells her how she is planning against Avni. Dayavanti asks Riya to attack on Neil’s weakness. Avni wants to make Neil’s family a happy one and thinks maybe she will get her Naamkarann done. Neil gets a foot sprain. Avni helps him out. They have a moment. Shweta and Riya plan against Avni. Avni thinks to cheer up Neil and cooks food for him. Riya spoils the soup to make Bebe unwell. Shweta asks Riya to feed it to Avni. Avni feels unwell after having the soup. Bebe gets mistaken that Avni is pregnant. She pampers Avni more. Avni gets worried. Shweta and Riya’s plan fail. Riya thinks to defame Avni by wrong accusations.


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