Ghulaam – Rangeela gets his rights


Everyone is happy for Rangeela and Shivani. Maldawali likes Rangeela. She comes home with Jageer. Rangeela asks why did you come here. Jageer says we just came to have tea. Maldawali has come to see Rangeela. Jageer asks Rangeela to manage some work. Rangeela gives them good news of his marriage, and invites them. Maldawali gets upset and congratulates her. Shivani shows Rangeela’s name tattoo on her hand. She gives water to Maldawali. She warns her against trapping Rangeela. She says you can hug Rangeela, but nothing will happen, just be away from him. Rangeela says my marriage will be next month. Maldawali gets speechless seeing their romance.

Rangeela likes a tshirt and thinks to write slogan on tshirt about saving and educating girls. He says if we don’t respect women, they won’t get respect by anyone else, its for their future. He asks the men to wear the message tshirts and publicize their move. Manmeet meets him. He ties the pagdi to him and plans to get their engagement done. Shivani comes for the engagement. Manmeet asks Rangeela to exchange rings. Rangeela refuses for engagement. He says I will first rectify my mistakes and then do engagement. Shivani supports his decision. Meanwhile, Choudhary comes back and welcomes his son Rangeela in the haveli. He tells Rangeela that he is not any Ghulaam now, he will stay here as his son. Rangeela gets his rights. How will Veer accept this? Keep reading.


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