Baisa reveals Goenkas’ plan in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta: A heavy blow for Goenka family

Baisa reveals about Suhasini Goenka’s wish to get Naira and Kirti married. Naitik asks Naira to tell entire truth without being biased. Dadi gets restless to know the result. Suwarna requests Dadi not to put Naira in a fix. She asks Dadi not to hurry in the sensitive matter, as this can affect even Kartik and Naira’s relation. Dadi gets upset with Suwarna’s interference.

Baisa tells everyone about Kirti and Dadi trapping Naksh. She asks them to get Naksh married to a divorcee if they want. Naira tells Naitik that Baisa is saying wrong, Dadi has just sent the alliance, but everything will depend on Naksh. She tells them that Naksh’s decision will be the final one. She wants to value Naksh’s decision and happiness. She does not want wrong to happen with Naksh. Kirti feels less confident about keeping her family happy. She feels she is a loser. Kartik asks her to stop blaming herself for the situation. Kirti believes her fate is bad.

Naitik feels stuck in the situation, as his decision will affect both of his children. He does not want to make Naira fall in trouble, if they refuse to Kirti’s alliance. Naitik realizes Naira and Kartik will always be loving and supportive, but the family matters can create troubles for their marriage. Naitik wants happiness for both Naira and Naksh. He thinks of his promise to Akshara. Naksh does not share anything with Naira. He feels concerned for her new relations. Naitik feels maybe Dadi has taken this matter ahead without telling the family.


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