Anjali faces family’s anger in Sasural Simar Ka


Anjali is supporting Sameer against her family. Piyush and Aarav get a hint about Sameer’s motives. Aarav tells Sanjana that Sameer does not want money, he has come to take revenge. Piyush says Sameer wants revenge from Simar. He scares Sameer and asks him the cause of enmity. Sameer asks Piyush to take a knife and stab him. Sameer then acts in front of Anjali and begs to Piyush for his life. He asks Anjali to save him. Simar tells Anjali that Piyush is lying. Simar says Sameer is a cheat, he is doing this to make you against us.

Anjali threatens her family. Simar asks Anjali not to cross limits. She says I m ashamed to call Anjali my daughter. Simar raises hand on Anjali, while Anjali gets back and slaps Simar. Anjali’s shocking step upsets the family. Piyush loses senses and holds Anjali’s neck in anger. Everyone stops Piyush. He asks her is she mad to slap mum. Simar gets a shock by Anjali’s slap. She asks Anjali to beat her more and cries. Everyone gets angry on Anjali. Anjali realizes her mistake and feels ashamed. She thinks what did she do. Simar gets mad and could not believe Anjali slapped her. Sanjana asks Sameer why is he hurting everyone. Sameer pushes Sanjana away.


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