TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Suhana falls in trouble when Sonakshi and Dev fail to reach her school to pick up on time. The little girl gets stuck in middle of the heavy traffic and gets scared. Sonakshi’s busy work schedule angers Dev. Dev blames her for not being responsible. He says you were not there when Suhana needed her mum. He asks her to work from home, which will be good for everyone. Dev and Sonakshi have an argument. She is angry on his decision. She asks him who told him to do all this, why are they taking this ahead if he has no answer. Dev says its our responsibility to take care of Ishwari and Suhana.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar does Anjali’s last rites and ends her ties with Anjali. Simar says Anjali has killed my motherly love today, and I have also freed her from all relations, she is dead for me. Mata ji says I have realized Anjali has gone much far from us and we can never get her back. She apologizes to Mata Rani and frees herself from her love for Anjali. She burns Anjali’s memories. Piyush says if Simar has no relation with Anjali, my relation with my sister also ends here, I was hoping that our relation will be strong, but when the foundation has broken, this relation can’t be saved by anything.

Chandrakanta, Kroor Singh, Tej Singh, Shivdutt and Shyamla reach the Tilismi jungle to find someone who can make Virendra fine. Everyone has their motives to find that person. The jungle turns out to be dangerous. The trees move and try to eat them. Shivdutt and Shyamla get caught by the tree. Virendra is in the form of an idol. Chandrakanta wants him to get fine, while everyone else wants Tilismi powers. She bravely plays and comes out of the magical jungle.


Shivay wants to know why Anika left him. He handcuffs Anika and asks her to speak up the truth if she wants to get released. She asks him to free her, as its aching her hand. He asks her why did she leave him, what made her take that step. Anika asks am I mad to do it for anyone. She refuses to take Pinky’s name so that he always loves and respects his mum. Anika sits there and falls asleep. Shivay comes back and checks her. He looks for the keys to free her. She shows the keys on the ground. She says if I had seen this before, I would have opened handcuffs myself, my fate is bad. He says your mind is also bad, you should have told me the truth by now.


Chakor is very upset after breaking ties with Suraj. She has broken her engagement. She sheds tears and apologizes to Suraj for breaking his heart. Imli comes to confront her. She asks her the reason. Chakor asks her to leave and go haveli before storm comes. Imli tells Chakor that storm has come, what else is left now. She makes Chakor swear on her baby and asks the truth. Chakor tells Imli that she loves Suraj a lot, but she can’t tell him the truth that Bhaiya ji is threatening her about kids’ lives. She tells Imli that Bhaiya ji has blackmailed her and did the deal of either choosing Suraj or the kids’ lives.


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