Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Sasural Simar Ka:
Anjali has fed wine to Roshni and Ananya to know planning of Bharadwaj family. Roshni and Ananya go out of control. The family members get them to the room and stop them from talking to Anjali. Roshni and Ananya do weird things in front of Mata ji and Simar. Piyush suggests they should get lemon water for them. Roshni and Ananya come to senses after having lemon water. Roshni says my head is aching a lot, did I do anything wrong. Ananya and Roshni apologize to Mata ji and Simar. Simar says its fine, we will think how did this happen, but first we have to be alert and counter Anjali. Mata ji says Anjali can do anything for property, we have to be ready to answer her.

There is much suspense drama going on. Naina and Karan’s marriage arrangements are happening. The family keeps a puja for them. The lights go during the puja. Saavri is behind the plannings. Saavri interferes in puja and wants to sit in Naina’s place. Meghna scolds Saavri. Naina and Meghna ask Saavri to control herself.


Suraj is broken after Chakor left him. Suraj is getting mad in frustration. Suraj tells Tejaswini that Chakor can’t refuse to him this now. He has decided to end all her memories. He says when Chakor is not with me, what’s the need of all this, I will ruin everything that reminds me of Chakor. Imli and Tejaswini worry for him. Suraj vents out his anger. He says I have just two ways, to either kill myself or Chakor, I can’t stay live without her and Chakor doesn’t want to live with me, what can I do now, she always promises me but breaks promises in the final moment. Tejaswini stops Suraj.


Harman is finding Soumya everywhere in Bangkok. Soumya is close to him. They have a hit and miss moment. Soumya visits the market. She likes a piece of jewelry, but does not buy. Harman happens to visit the same shop and buys the same jewelry piece for Soumya. Harman passes by her and does not see her. Harman shows Soumya’s photo to the locals and tries to get info about her. Soumya then gets kidnapped by some goons. Harman wants to take Soumya back to their country. Soumya saves her life and runs away from the goons. She tries to get help from police. The agent fools the police by lying about Soumya. Police does not help Soumya. Soumya gets cheated by the travel agent, who is trying to sell her off.


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