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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage: Mukhi and Aru will be seen spending some romantic moment for the first time. Mukhi has finally realized his feelings for Aru. Aru dreams of Mukhi. She sings a song and expresses her feelings. Aru wakes him up and irritates him. She asks him not to sleep and talk to her. Mukhi says I m feeling much sleepy, what is it. Aru troubles him. She asks him not to sleep again. She demands that she wants to take part in Saawan competition organized in the village. Mukhi tells her that he has some illness. He says he can’t run, he has asthma, but could not tell her this thing before. Aru worries for him.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Roshni and Ananya get drunk. The girls dance and crack jokes. Simar tries to stop them. Piyush comes to meet Roshni via window. Roshni has helped Piyush take the Sardar’s getup. Anjali has made Roshni drunk to know about Piyush. Simar hides Piyush’s identity. They have fooled Anjali by the deal. Mata ji feeds lemon water to Roshni and Ananya, and make them come to senses.


Neil and Avni shower love on each other, without expressing verbally. Neil makes Avni wear her mangalsutra. Avni gets surprised. He compliments her that mangalsutra completes her look. He says I was doubting you are my wife or not, as you did not wear mangalsutra since long. She feels glad by his talk. Neil and Avni accept each other as husband and wife. Avni and Bebe plan for Shweta and Prakash’s marriage anniversary. Avni convinces Bebe to help her in making the anniversary party memorable.

Woh Apna Sa:

Aditya and Jhanvi celebrate Teej together. Nisha tries to create a hurdle. Aditya gifts bangles to Jhanvi. He asks Jhanvi not to be sad on such an auspicious occasion. He cheers her up. He is hiding from Nisha. Nisha sees them together and asks Aditya what is he doing with Jhanvi. Nisha gets bangles and asks Aditya to select the bangles for her. Aditya does not want to pity on Nisha. Jhanvi wanted to be with Nisha, as Nisha was shot by her.


Anika hides from Shivay. Shivay sees Anika hiding and comes to her. Anika wanted to avoid him and run from the house. Shivay knows her plans. He senses she is around. He sits in her way to stop her. Anika thinks he will not let her go out. He asks her is she playing hide and seek with him. She starts her drama. She tells him that Sahil is coming from boarding school. She cooks a story. He asks her to tell her fiance’s name. He asks why did she go on silent mode, can’t she say the name. She asks him why is he interested in knowing about her fiance. She was lying to him about her engagement to make him jealous. Shivay gets insisting. Anika sees a businessman’s picture on a magazine and shows Shivay. She says this is my fiance. Shivay asks is this rich man Vikram Aditya your fiance. He gets jealous.


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