High Five Spoilers

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Sasural Simar Ka: Simar has shot Anjali, while they had an argument. Simar was trying to snatch the gun from Anjali’s hand. Anjali was fighting for the property papers. Anjali got to know Piyush cheated her as Armaan. She was just scaring Simar to get papers. Simar wanted to see if her blood has really gone bad. She asked Anjali to shoot her. Anjali gets angry on Simar for doing her Shraddh. Anjali falls down.


Anika and Shivay’s love fights always go on. Anika’s fake fiance will be entering the show. Rich businessman Vikram Aditya makes an appearance at Oberoi mansion. Anika and Shivay have an argument. Their distance gets increased. Vikram’s entry will be changing their lives. Vikram is invited by Shivay. Shivay wanted to meet him to know who is Anika’s king of heart. Anika gets a shock seeing Vikram. Vikram gets mesmerized seeing Anika. His closeness irks Anika. Vikram thanks Shivay for inviting him home. Shivay was thinking Anika was joking and wanted to double check about her statement.


Harry and Sejal (SRK and Anushka’s characters from the movie Jab Harry Met Sejal) find the rings, thrown by Suraj. They realize its not the engagement ring they are finding. Harry wonders whose ring is it. He says whoever bought this lovely ring would be a great lover. Sejal asks Suraj to put efforts in his relation. She shares her life’s experiences with Suraj, asking him not to lose in getting his true love. She asks him not to lose courage and find some way.


Chandrakanta is trying hard to make Virendra turn into a human again. She gets Virendra’s idol. She begs for her love’s life. She meets Babni and says you don’t know the meaning of real love, you did not experience love in your life. She is worried and asks Babni to help her. Babni got cheated in love and does not want to help her. He says I have crossed all limits for my love and still got deceived, you feel just your love is true, as you got love in return of love. She asks him how can you lose if your true was love. He asks her to stop it and not judge anyone’s love. She says you could also get true love if you tried harder. He says I tried many times and failed again and again. He does not want to make Virendra fine. She feels helpless.

Gulguli shows her true colors and supports Veer. Gulguli tells Veer that she is always with him. She clears that she has gone against him and did drama. She says sometimes we have to bear some loss to get big profits, I have done this to win Choudhary’s trust, I saved his respect by agreeing to him, but now he will be falling in trouble, I m your mum and love you the most, always remember this. Veer hugs Gulguli and gets glad to have her back on his side.


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