Advay to plan Chandni’s wedding in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Chandni recalls her childhood love Dev and cries. She wishes Dev returns in her life. Chandni hugs Dev’s picture. She loves Dev. She apologizes to Dev and says I m helpless to marry Pratham, you forgive me for this. She feels just Dev had rights on her. She goes through Dev’s memories. She is much attached to Dev. Dev is the medicine for her pain. She does not know Dev is in front of her. She is unaware of Advay’s real identity. Advay and Chandni are away by his hatred. Advay wants to pacify her, but limits himself.

Chandni does not wish to marry Pratham, as she just has Dev in her heart. She is just doing this for Indrani’s side. Shikha and Meghna get Chandni’s favorite flowers. They surprise Chandni and cheer her up. The sisters get emotional thinking Chandni will soon go away from home. Chandni is getting married to Pratham. Chandni realizes she will soon get away from all her relations, her loving family, her house. She tells them that she will miss them much. The sisters cry. They recall how they used to celebrate petty things, play and enjoy. The sisters do Jhula rasam for Chandni. They want to make Chandni’s time memorable. Advay turns into Chandni’s wedding planner. Chandni gets Advay’s passports. She gets surprised seeing many passports by different names, belonging to Advay. She thinks to find out Advay’s truth. Will Chandni learn that Advay is her Dev? Keep reading.


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