Ali turns upset with Neil in Naamkarann


Avni and Neil have a moment, when they express their feelings. Neil assures her that he will never let her heart break. Avni thanks him for everything. Neil finds it enough that she is wearing the mangalsutra of his name. Neil is happy that Avni is wishing to become part of his family. Avni tells Prakash that Shweta wants Bebe’s blessings, that’s her only wish which did not get fulfilled. She suggests Prakash and Shweta should marry again and with Bebe’s blessings. Neil finds it interesting to dance in his parents’ baraat. Neil and Avni divide the teams and argue. Neela joins Avni to help her out. Neela gets the pandit. On the other hand, Dayavanti gets ill treated in the jail. She fights with the lady. She makes new enemies. Dayavanti does not like to lose in life. She shows attitude. The jail inmates beat her up.

Avni pleases Bebe and talks to her about Prakash and Shweta’s anniversary party. Bebe agrees to help her. Avni fears that Bebe will not love her when she knows her real identity of Avni Aisha. Neil meets Ali and finds him annoyed. Ali tells him that relations have changed now. He does not want to meet Avni. Neil reminds him his friendship. Ali is much hurt. He gets influenced by Shweta’s words. Avni hides the surprise from Shweta. Shweta wants to throw Avni out of the house. Avni feels bad to cheat Shweta, Prakash and Bebe. Neela asks her not to reveal her truth at this time. She convinces Avni to wait till the party gets over. Will Ali take any wrong step to get Avni in his life? Keep reading.


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