Avni’s retro surprise pleases Shweta in Naamkarann


Its Shweta and Prakash’s 25th wedding anniversary. Avni plans dance performances on retro songs, and puts light on Shweta and Prakash’s love story. The musical gift brings a smile on everyone’s face. Shweta relives her life’s precious moments. Neil does Prakash’s act, while Avni becomes Shweta. Ali acts as Shweta’s first love, who dies in an accident. Avni emotes as young Shweta, who loses her first love and then destiny unites her with Prakash. Shweta got her best friend Prakash’s support. Neil, Ali and Avni give a special surprise to Shweta and Prakash, by performing and showing their life’s journey.

Shweta gets touched by Avni’s thought. Shweta and Prakash recall their old days. Neil, Ali and Avni recreate Shweta and Prakash’s past. Avni planned everything for Shweta and Prakash’s anniversary. They get Shweta and Prakash remarried. Bebe also accepts Shweta happily. Shweta gets much happy. Avni feels Bebe has accepted Shweta and what she wanted is fulfilled. Riya comes in the party with some motive.


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