High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Bebe and Shweta scold Avni. Avni could not see them speaking bad about Ashish and Aisha. Avni stands against Shweta. She defends her parents. Amol also can’t see Avni getting insulted and supports Avni.


Ragini and Pinky are happy that Anika will get away from Shivay’s life. Ragini hands over a bridal dress and jewelry to Anika. Anika gets surprised. She takes the things and shuts the door on Ragini’s face. She throws the things in the room and cries. She is hurt that Shivay really wants her to marry someone else. Ragini has done what she wanted. She has made Anika jealous by her lies and clever tricks. Ragini has told Anika that Shivay is very much excited to get Anika married to Vikram. Anika recalls her love journey with Shivay. Later on, everyone learns that Shivay has met with an accident. They see the news and realize Shivay has gone out in Bhavya’s car, and the car has blasted.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Yash and Rose become part of Naksh’s marriage celebrations. Naksh and Naira celebrate Raksha bandhan. Naira and Yash find Naksh unhappy. While everyone dance, Naksh distances himself from the happiness. Naira thinks what happened to Naksh, she has to talk to him and know the matter. Yash asks Naksh why is he not happy. Naksh tells Yash that he does not love Kirti, he is just marrying Kirti for the sake of Naira’s happiness. Naira gets to hear this shocking truth.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Piyush reaches a jeweler shop to buy gold earrings for Dipika. He bargains for the price. Piyush’s love for Dipika is increasing. He also buys a saree for Dipika.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Sameer gets shocked knowing Anjali is getting conscious. He goes out to call someone. Roshni knows his intentions are bad. She says you maybe very happy, I know all this is happening because of you, good wins in the end. Sameer tells him that good always wins, but this is his fight and he did not learn to lose in life. Sameer does not want Anjali to come to senses, as Anjali knows Simar is innocent. Roshni and Piyush have to free Simar from jail and get house from Sameer. They are stuck in bad situation. Anjali gets kidnapped from the hospital. Anjali is still unconscious. A mystery man takes Anjali. Aarav, Piyush and Roshni fail to see Anjali. Just Anjali knows someone else has shot her, Simar is not behind the crime. Sameer kidnaps Anjali.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:
Advay locks Chandni in her room, as she has got her fake passports. Advay destroys the passports to stop his truth from coming out. Chandni is no less than him. She gets free from him some way and scolds him. She upsets him by taunting that he is alone in the whole world, he has no family and no dear ones for whom he lives. She tells him that Indrani got angry on her because of him. Indrani stopped talking to Chandni. Chandni gets much hurt and taunts Advay a lot. Advay realizes Chandni is really hurt. Advay ruins all evidence against him.


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