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Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni faints in the mandap. Parth and Aman hold her. The family gets worried and calls a doctor. Teni’s pregnancy truth comes out. The doctor reveals to everyone that Teni is pregnant. Shorvori manages and tells doctor that Teni fainted by the smoke. The doctor says I m sure that Teni is pregnant. Shorvori confuses her. Parth and Shorvori try hard to hide the truth. Teni’s pregnancy will be known to all. It has to be seen if family makes Parth and Shorvori out of the house after knowing the surrogacy truth.


Neil gets to know all the drama happened at home in his absence. Bebe and Shweta have made Avni leave from the house. Bebe has sent Neela, Avni and Aman from the house. Neil learns the entire incident after coming back home. He gets a huge shock knowing about Avni’s insult. Neil turns depressed. He wishes to meet Avni once. He gets surrounded by Avni’s memories. Shweta comes to talk to him. She asks him does he care for Avni, who did not love him, her love was a cheat like her identity. She fills poison in his mind against Avni.

Saavri has fallen in love with Karan. She gets angry seeing Karan with Naina. She gets Karan’s attention by igniting fire to her dupatta. Naina and Karan were doing a ritual and keeping a diya in the pond. Their puja stops because of Saavri. Karan leaves the puja and runs to save Saavri. Saavri has stopped their puja by her plan. She intentionally did this to call Karan. Meghna understands Saavri’s plan and sends Kunal to make Saavri away from Karan. Kunal asks Karan to go to Naina.

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage:
Mukhi and Aru do the tough tasks in the Saawan utsav competition. Mukhi is familiar with all the tasks, being the village head. But, its much new for Aru. Mukhi helps Aru in the tasks and pushes her towards victory. Aru completed line of tasks. Mukhi asks her to wait for him and runs away. He could not see her wound and goes to get ointment for her. The other couple wins the competition. Aru gets upset with Mukhi. Mukhi loves her and could not see her in pain. Mukhi comes back and apologizes to Aru.


Anika and Gauri pray to Mata Rani. Gauri asks Anika to have belief in Mata Rani and pray for Shivay’s well being. Anika sheds tears and prays for his life. Anika did not belief in Lord before. She never prayed for herself. But, her worry for Shivay makes her reach Mata Rani. Anika senses Shivay is coming and runs to see him. Anika runs downstairs. She looks for Shivay. She hugs Shivay’s clothes and cries. She holds her mangalsutra and recalls their marriage. Ragini too cries for Shivay, but hurts Anika more. Ragini says I hope Shivay is fine, I m worried if he becomes handicapped. Anika gets angry on Ragini’s nonsense talk.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Dipika and Piyush are going in Sarika’s birthday party. Piyush is very happy and looks forward to meet Sarika. Dipika knows Piyush’s happiness and acts ignorant.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naksh and Naira celebrate Raksha bandhan in a unique way. Naksh also ties a rakhi to Naira, and tells everyone that even his sister does a duty like a brother, she is always a support and shield for him. Naira gets emotional. Later, Naira and Kartik have a romantic moment. Kartik had an argument with her the last day. Naira calls Kartik by taking help from kids. Naira asks him to forget everything. Naira surprises Kartik. They both exchange their rings once again.



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