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Harman ties Soumya’s hand to himself, so that she does not go away. He does not trust her, and thinks she can run away again. He is trying to get her attention. Harman teases her. Soumya wants to pay him the price for her freedom. She returns all the gifts to him. Harman gets angry seeing her annoyance. He drags her to the temple. He declares that till Soumya does not regard him her husband by heart, he will not expect any wife’s duty and love from her. He takes the oath in the temple and stuns Soumya.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Everyone gets to know Uma Shankar has forcibly married Kanak. Ved orders police to arrest Uma. Uma gets arrested. Police takes him in the jeep. Uma gets silent. He does not defend himself. He was adamant to take Kanak home with him. Ved doesn’t allow Uma to stick to them. Kanak does not like Ved’s move. Bhabho sees Kanak wearing her mangalsutra and thinks Kanak wants to go back with Uma.


Meghna, Naina and Kunal expose Saavri and save Karan from the shock. Naina gives the photos to inspector and says Saavri came with the photos to me and blackmailed me. She asks me not to marry Karan, else she will get him arrested. Saavri cries and does drama to gain sympathy. Naina proves Saavri’s crimes. Police comes to arrest Saavri. Her truth comes out. Saavri had taken Naina’s place in the mandap to marry Karan. Saavri gets caught up by everyone. Saavri attacks on Kunal with a knife. She gets angry on Chauhan family as they have failed her. Kunal gets saved. Nandkishore does not give a chance to Pushpa and Saavri. He slaps Saavri.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren leaves from home in his car. The police stops him to check his car. Inspector tells Naren that he got informed that Naren is carrying drugs. Naren does not fear for anything as he is innocent. He asks inspector to go ahead and do his duty, there is nothing he has to hide from police. Police checks Naren’s car and gets drugs from his bag. Naren gets a huge shock on getting trapped by his enemies. Pooja witnesses Naren’s new problem and gets worried. She realizes Neelima is behind the conspiracy, and everything is happening just for money.

May I Come In Madam:

Kashmira argues with Sanju, as he has stopped fighting with her. Sanju’s calm and composed behavior angers her. She thinks to give him divorce. She asks Sanju if he is having an affair with someone. She demands for divorce. Sanju gets angry in her and starts scolding her like usual. Kashmira gets glad seeing him normal like before. She apologizes to him and tears divorce papers. He asks her why did she make divorce papers.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

A money lender comes to meet Indrani. He asks her to clear the loans. Chandni requests the man to give them some time. The man hurts Chandni. Indrani protects Chandni and acts helpless in front of her. Chandni then gets convinced to marry Pratham. Advay is very focussd. He wants to get married to Chandni. He wants revenge by torturing her after marriage. He is motive driven and knows what he wants from Vashisht family. Advay does not know Chandni’s truth till now.


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