Kusum Sundari to suspect Kalki in Devanshi


Kusum Sundari faces a real bad time in the jail. She bribes the constable and manages to get a phone to call a lady. She meets a lady in jail and admits the truth about abandoning Mohan and her illegitimate child in Sonipat. She is worried that the little girl who popped out of the hundi is her daughter. She fears that Kalki is her biological child. She gets more tensed thinking of her lie to Mohan, that their child couldn’t survive. She feels Mohan will never forgive her if he learns this truth.

She asks the lady to head to Sonipat and find out about Kalki’s whereabouts. She asks lady to inform her who are Kalki’s parents and if Kalki has any connection with her. Kusum Sundari does not want any trouble added up to her suffering. The villagers in Jwalapuri get influenced by Kalki and decide to make her their new Mata. Devanshi gets against them and determines to put an end to their blind beliefs and traditions. Pavan helps out Devanshi as a true friend. Devanshi and Pavan get together to find Kalki’s parents. They set forth for their neew journey. Vardaan gets free from jail, once Mohan gets recovering in hospital. Vardaan learns about Devanshi and Pavan, and gets angry.


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