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Meri Durga: Aarti complains about Durga to Sanjay’s mum Gayatri, who happens to belong to a royal family. Sanjay’s parents have a strong political background. They are against Sanjay’s friendship with Durga. Neelkant and Gayatri advice Sanjay to stay away from Durga. Sanjay gets angered knowing Gayatri expelled Durga from college. He takes a stand for Durga. He keeps his demands to take Durga back in college, else he will also discontinue his studies and join Durga at her vegetable stall. Gayatri finally agrees to Sanjay and decides to let Durga continue her studies in their college. Rajveer regains his memory and strength. He gets annoyed with Durga for leaving her career like a coward. Rajveer decides to find a home for himself. Durga doesn’t allow Rajveer to leave from her home.


Kusum Sundari faces a real bad time in the jail. She bribes the constable and manages to get a phone to call a lady. She meets a lady in jail and admits the truth about abandoning Mohan and her illegitimate child in Sonipat. She is worried that the little girl who popped out of the hundi is her daughter. She fears that Kalki is her biological child. She gets more tensed thinking of her lie to Mohan, that their child couldn’t survive. She feels Mohan will never forgive her if he learns this truth.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth, Shorvori and Teni have left home. They land in a chawl and make their small world. They struggle and set up their life. Dada ji comes to see Parth’s life, how Parth is living without comforts. Parth sees Dada ji and starts the drama. He asks Shorvori and Teni to work as well, as they have to earn money and have a living. He says we want roof and food, so we all have to work. Dada ji scolds him and asks did he lose his mind while washing car, he is educated and can do any proper work. Parth wants Dada ji to forgive them. He wants to become part of the house again. Parth’s sweet and innocent drama does not work.


Mohini and Nihaal fail to stop Amba’s plans of getting Simran married. Mannu stops Amba by exposing the wrong alliance chosen by Jagan. Amba does not want any bad guy to marry Simran. Raj and Mannu save Simran from going into a wrong family. Mannu realizes Sakshi truly loves Raj. After Raj makes the contract asking Mannu to leave him once Simran gets fine, it gets clear for her that Raj will never accept her. She thinks to get Sakshi closer to Raj.


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