A new entry to create troubles for Devanshi


There is a new entry in the show. A lady makes her way to reside in Devanshi’s house. Maya has black magic powers. She has come home and wants to attack Devanshi. Devansh starts feeling dizzy when Maya is around. Devanshi doesn’t know Maya has come with wrong intentions and she is also evil like Kusum Sundari. Kalki has Devi powers. She realizes Maya wants to hurt Devanshi. Kalki’s presence makes Devanshi fine. Kalki is Maiyya’s avatar and she will save Devanshi.

Kalki gets high fever. Everyone asks Devanshi to light diya in front of temple and Kalki will get fine. Devanshi doesn’t believe in all this. She doesn’t light diya. Other people light the diya. Devanshi helps the poor people and Kalki likes her. Devanshi makes Kalki sleep in her lap by singing a lullaby for her. Devanshi and Kalki’s bonding is strong. She senses something and wakes up from sleep. She gets troubled by a scary dream. Devanshi has no belief in Maiyya now. She will be facing and fighting with black magic of Maya now.



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