Harman gets his Gulaabo back in Shakti


Soumya doesn’t agree to Harman’s requests. She refuses to go in the anniversary party. Soumya wishes to stay away from all celebrations which she doesn’t deserve. Harman sits drinking wine and asks Soumya if her decision is final. Preeto tells Soumya that entire village has come, what will happen if Soumya doesn’t come down, their respect is at stake. Harak says it will be big disaster if Soumya doesn’t come. They ask Soumya to come with them. Soumya refuses. She stays adamant on her decision. Harman falls unconscious. Saaya asks Soumya to take her bahu avatar to save Harman and his family’s respect. She tells Soumya that she has turned into kinner when she wanted to fight for her self respect and identity.

Saaya asks Soumya to value Harman’s love and think of his respect. Saaya reminds what all Harman did for Soumya till now. Soumya agrees to go with Harman in the anniversary party. Harman and Soumya come downstairs as a perfect couple. They exchange garlands and also rings in front of everyone. Harman and Soumya have a moment of happiness. Soumya doesn’t feel happy from heart. She still has annoyance on her mind, while Harman feels he got his Gulaabo back.


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