Big twists in lives of Oberoi brothers in Ishqbaaz

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Shivay and Rudra sing and dance in the pub. They get over drunk. Shivay supports Rudra and tells him that he is his brother Om. Rudra tells Shivay that he is Rudra, does he see his long hair that he is calling him Om. Rudra checks Shivay’s conscious. They dance with the girls in the pub. They imagine Anika and Bhavya and dance with the girls. They party well and get some time free from the ongoing challenges at home. Shivay and Rudra come home in drunken state. They get a shock seeing a girl dead in their room.

They doesn’t realize the girl is alive and its red wine fallen on her. Shivay thinks where to hide the girl, if anyone sees the girl, they will misunderstand. Rudra gets worried. Anika and Bhavya come there with Dadi. Bhavya checks the girl. They tell Bhavya that the girl was with them in the pub. The girl wakes up and apologizes to them. Dadi asks them to drop the girl home, their parents would be worried for her. Shivay helps the girl.

Bhavya likes Oberois family bonding. Bhavya misses her family. She gets emotional and cries. Rudra makes a plan. Rudra confesses his love to Bhavya by a sweet gesture. He showers flowers on her. Bhavya likes the rose petals raining on her. Bhavya was much upset, which makes Rudra take this step. Bhavya too realizes his love. Their love story is getting ahead. They share a romantic moment. Bhavya is happy seeing Rudra become a responsible guy. She feels proud of him. She sees Rudra getting hurt. She does the aid to his hand. Their romance will be seen. Rudra wants to earn money. He asks Dadi to give money for his work. Dadi asks him why is he asking for money. He says I have worked hard, give me money along with blessings. She asks him to ask money from Shivay. He refuses to ask Shivay. Rudra understands the value of money, all because of Bhavya.

On the other hand, Gauri doesn’t know how to save Omkara. Omkara lands in hospital after fighting the Dangal. Gauri gets worried for Omkara. He is much hurt and in critical state. Gauri is afraid for his life. She prays for him.


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