Chandni to discover Advay’s identity truth in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Nani asks Advay to move on in life. Advay tells Nani that he can’t spend his life with Chandni. Nani forgives Chandni for whatever happened in the past. Advay tells Nani that Chandni has left her baby for keeping her good image, she is not suitable for their family. He doesn’t know why Chandni came here after bearing much insult. Nani defends Chandni. Advay threatens Chandni about adding mushrooms, else Indrani will get hurt. He wants Chandni to leave from the house. He shows the video. Chandni finds Indrani in a problem.

Chandni worries for Adi’s life. Chandni serves the food to everyone. Maasi slaps her and scolds her for such a big mistake. Nani asks Chandni who added the mushrooms. Chandni accepts she has added mushrooms in the food. She proves Nani’s belief wrong. Nani gets disheartened. Chandni realizes Advay is her family’s biggest enemy. She decides to leave the house and apologizes to everyone. Chandni tries to know why Advay hates her. Chandni discovers something shocking about Advay. She gets Dev’s box. Chandni sees Dev and her pictures in his locket. She learns Advay is her Dev, and receives a huge shock. Chandni thinks how did her Dev become Advay and get enmity in heart for her. She decides to find all her answers by returning in Advay’s life. Chandni determines to win Advay’s love.