Chandni covers up Advay’s misdeed in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Advay has threatened Chandni to add mushrooms in the food, which can be really harmful for his nephew Adi. He tells her that if she doesn’t do this, he will not leave Indrani. Chandni’s problems are never ending. Chandni falls in trouble when Advay leaves no option with her. Even then, Chandni chooses to save little Adi and doesn’t add mushrooms in the food. She prays for Indrani’s safety and leaves things in Lord’s hands. Advay adds the mushrooms to trap her. Maasi gets raging on seeing mushrooms in dishes. She asks Chandni why did she intentionally add mushrooms, when she stopped her before.

Chandni gets a slap and stands helpless. Chandni sheds tears. Maasi loses her temper. She tells Chandni that she will not forgive her for this, as this is not a small mistake, but Chandni’s evil plan against their family. She says Chandni has come here to take revenge for her and her family’s insult, she wants to kill Adi. Nani can’t believe anything against Chandni. She asks Chandni to say truth who has done this, who added the mushrooms. Chandni knows Advay has done this, but doesn’t take his name in front of everyone. Chandni covers up Advay’s tortures and bears everything silently.


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