Omkara faces a life threatening situation in Ishqbaaz

Omkara tells Anika that she shouldn’t worry about Shivay in Ishqbaaz

Shivay is happy that Anika is much cool and trusts him completely. She doesn’t doubt on him, and doesn’t want any explaining from him about last night. Shivay finds himself lucky. Anika confesses love to Shivay. He wishes to hear it in full form. She turns shy and avoids him. Shivay finds a chance to romance.

Bhavya gets disappointed with Rudra for wasting hard earned money in lottery. She explains him how person values his own earnings. She feels lost when Rudra loses the challenge. Bhavya goes and assists Dadi in preparations. Dadi tells Shivay and Anika about the flowers rasam, where in Anika and the house will be adorned by flowers.

Shivay asks Anika why does she care for him so much. Anika tells Shivay that she knows what he does when he falls ill. He asks her to say what he wants to hear. Anika asks him to say. Shivay challenges her that he will make her confess love. Rudra decides to work hard again and earn money to impress Bhavya. Dadi allows Rudra to do the work. Bhavya gets happy seeing Rudra. Shivay asks Bhavya to get ready and sends her away from Anika. He himself makes Anika ready. He adorns her with the floral jewelry. Shivay turns upset when Pinky tries to influence him. He tells Pinky that Anika is his pride and none can reach her. Bhavya praises Rudra for working so hard and proving he is a responsible man. Rudra reaches on cloud on receiving a compliment from Bhavya.

Gauri gets Omkara to hospital for treatment. Gauri gets worried when Omkara goes missing. Omkara gets kidnapped by the wrestler, who refused to accept his defeat in the Dangal match. Balram tells Omkara that if Gauri finds him, then he will spare his life. Omkara gets caught. Gauri searches for him in the hospital. Omkara wishes Gauri finds him some way. Gauri prays to get some sign about Omkara. She finds Omkara, when the wrestler thinks Gauri would have run away. Gauri fights with the men alone, and saves Omkara’s life. Omkara thanks Gauri for saving him. Anika and Shivay celebrate their Phoolan rasam. Pinky still holds hatred for Anika. Will Anika be able to clean Pinky’s heart? Keep reading.


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