Broken Ruhi gets IshRa’s support in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman worries for Ruhi. He asks her how did she allow Ruhi to have a relation with Nikhil, without knowing anything. Ishita tells him that she didn’t know Nikhil’s truth. He apologizes for blaming her. He feels helpless on seeing Ruhi’s heart break. Ishita consoles her. She tells him that Ruhi will take time to forget Nikhil. She finds ways to make Ruhi busy. Ruhi gets depressed on getting cheated twice in love. Nikhil hides the truth from Ruhi, in order to save someone’s respect. He feels he has hurt Ruhi a lot. He feels like a failure in life.

Raman apologizes to Ruhi for always putting sorrow in her share. He feels guilty for not being able to provide a good and happy life to Ruhi. He apologizes for not being a protective father. Ruhi asks him not to feel guilty. She promises to move on in life.

Mrs. Iyer finally gets ready to accept Kiran as Bala’s life partner. She misses Vandu. She talks to Bala about moving on in life. She permits him to marry Kiran. Bala agrees to marry Kiran as his children want the same. Everyone gets busy in Bala and Kiran’s marriage preparations. Ruhi acts strong in front of Ishita. Ruhi tells Ishita that she is her inspiration. Ruhi meets Riya and consoles her. Riya feels sorry for whatever happened. Riya believes Nikhil is not bad. Ruhi bonds with Riya. Bhallas talk to Kiran and Bala, and decide for the pre wedding party. Riya goes missing, and Pooja comes to confront Ruhi for the same.