Watch out for Pragya’s huge confrontation in Kumkum Bhagya


Pragya decides to leave the city and go away from Abhi’s life. Pragya gets to see Abhi’s wife with the family. She follows them and reaches the temple to meet everyone once. Munni sits in the puja done by married couples. Munni sits with Abhi in puja. Abhi is very happy to have his wife with him. Purab and Disha also do the puja. Pragya thinks to confront Abhi and everyone to know how did they forget her so soon. Pragya enters the temple and comes face to face with Abhi, which leaves Abhi and entire family shocked.

Pragya confronts Abhi for his big cheat. She tells them that they aren’t happy seeing her alive, this means they have moved on. She asks Dadi and Abhi to answer. She asks Abhi did he not try to find her, when they had strong love between them. Pragya doesn’t see Munni’s face She is not aware that Munni is her lookalike. Pragya goes to confront Abhi’s wife. Pragya will be seeing Munni’s face and understand why Abhi didn’t try to find her till now. What will Abhi decide? Keep reading.



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