Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Sasural Simar Ka:
Sameer gifts a red chunri to Sanjana as Shagun. Sameer makes her wear the mangalsutra. There is no baraat and baraatis, but their marriage becomes special. They want to start their life afresh. He confesses his love to Sanjana. Sameer and Sanjana get married. Sameer keeps a candle and takes wedding rounds with Sanjana. He fills her maang with rose petals and tells her that she was his wife already, but he wanted to marry her again. He tells her that they have turn into soul mates now. They have a romantic moment.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Parth tries to convince Shorvori by love. He wants Shorvori to leave all her anger. He tells Shorvori that he just loves her. He asks her to say how can he prove his love. She tells him that she has seen him changing, his behavior and attention, everything has changed, he has made her doubt him by his own deeds. Parth asks her not to get away. Shorvori asks Parth to leave from her room. Parth gets sad. He sleeps in the living room. Teni sees Parth and cares for him. His pillow was about to fall, when Teni holds him. Parth wakes up. Teni tells him that she got to know he was ignoring her as Shorvori was doubting on her.


Chakor has united Divya and Sanjay. She is ready to go Aazaadgunj now. She contacts Imli on phone and tells her that she is coming back home, she is alive. Imli gets worried for her and asks her not to come back. Chakor doesn’t understand why Imli is stopping her, and gets upset. Chakor cries thinking what’s happening in Aazaadgunj. She doesn’t doubt on Imli, and feels Bhaiya ji is troubling her family there. Imli doesn’t want Chakor to come back in their lives.


Meghna meets Naina. Meghna asks her if any guy’s family is coming to see Khyati. She is doing a bahu’s duty and worrying for everyone. She asks Naina to help Khyati. She learnt that Khyati is much upset. She tells Naina that Vishal and Khyati love each other. Meghna and Naina have an argument. Meghna explains bahu’s duty to Naina. She doesn’t want Khyati to marry someone else. Naina agrees to help Khyati. Naina says Khyati will marry where she has her happiness. Meghna asks her to promise she will stand against Nandkishore if needed. Naina promises Meghna and is sure she will manage too find some way in convincing Nandkishore into accepting Vishal.


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