Pooja and Naren to outdo each other in Piyaa Albela


Pooja has come back in Naren’s life. She hides her identity and meets Naren. She touches his feet, while donning a ghunghat on her face. Naren misses to see her in between the crowd. Naren prays along with the people. Naren has turned into a stone hearted man, only because of Pooja’s deceive. Naren still has Pooja’s memories. Naren and Pooja have few hits and misses. Pooja tells Naren that none can come in between them.

Naren feels having some connection with her. Pooja meets him and tells him that she is well known to his hatred for women. She knows how he is ruining women’s lives. She challenges him to play a game with her, as she has come to do business with him. She is sure to make him lose and fill love in his heart again. Naren accepts her challenge. He gets ready to make Pooja realize her mistake. Naren’s changed behavior troubles Pooja. They go for the aarti. Pooja does the aarti and determines to change Naren back to a soft hearted and simple guy. She feels she has broken his heart for his good, but everything went wrong. She wants to join his shattered heart by healing his wounds.

Pooja returns to her inlaws. She gets a grand welcome. Naren hates women, and wants to teach to teach a lesson to Pooja. Naren welcomes Pooja well and surprises her. Naren has changed completely. Pooja realizes her inlaws house is not like before now. Naren insults Pooja. She doesn’t react to Naren’s doings. She has just come to talk about business. She asks him to get to work and thanks him for his warm welcome. Their fights will be seen.


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