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Meri Durga:
The blast occurs in the parking lot. Durga reaches there for the interview, along with Rajveer and village head. Rajveer’s friend tries to save him on knowing about the bomb planted. He also tells this to Sanjay, who rushes to stop Durga. Sanjay also suffers injuries while saving Durga. Gayatri clears her name from the blast. The villagers blame Durga once again and try to burn her house. They all get angry. Durga gets help and manages to calm the angry villagers. Gayatri gets upset on seeing Sanjay’s injuries. She was afraid to lose him forever. Sanjay tells Gayatri that Durga has real talent, and Aarti is nowhere close to her. He asks Gayatri to meet Durga.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Uma has taken Kanak for the movie. He has seen the movie along with her, and feels he has done a sin. He punishes himself for the sin he committed. Kanak feels worried for him. Maasi stops Kanak and asks her to let Uma repent for doing Adharm. She asks Kanak not to come between Uma and his Dharm. Maasi learns about Kanak’s mistake to take Uma’s promise for her wrong wish. She says Uma is great to fulfill his promise and keep his wife happy, and now he is punishing himself. Kanak wants to apologize to Uma. Maasi tells Kanak that she won’t understand Uma’s pain. Uma stands on one foot and prays.

Ayushaman Bhava:

Samaira misses Avinash and thinks she has done a big mistake to cheat him. Avinash was too innocent to doubt on anyone’s intentions. Krish gets troubled by a classmate and gets angry. He doesn’t want to bear any trouble and gets up to counter it. He goes to beat the other boy, who was throwing chalk pieces at him. The maths teacher teaches them and tests their intelligence. Krish complains to the teacher about the boy. Teacher asks Krish to tell him if he has any problem. Krish says I wanted to deal with these troubling boys myself. Teacher says you didn’t grow up to deal this yourself, solve this question and show me.

Love Ka Hai Intezaar:

Mohini and Kamini visit the hospital to meet Inder Mehta. Mohini sees Madhav and hides Kamini from his sight. Even though Madhav sees Kamini and gets doubtful. He tries to meet her, but Mohini prevents him. Madhav fails to meet Inder, because of Vijaylaxmi’s orders to the hospital staff. Even Kamini is not permitted to meet Inder. She learns Vijaylaxmi is coming to meet Inder and the hospital way is cleared for her. She decides to leave to keep Mohini away, but happens to see Vijaylaxmi, which makes her recall the past.


Mannu lays a trap for Chandar to stop his marriage for Simran. Chandar refuses to marry Simran and tells everyone that he wants to marry Preet. Mannu accepts Chandar’s proposal in front of everyone. Amba and Raj get a huge shock seeing this. Amba confronts Mannu for his mistake. Mannu asks Amba to trust her, its all her plan to counter Chandar. Raj and Rohan start finding why is Mohini changing Simran’s medicines, what secret is Mohini hiding. Mohini doesn’t want anyone to know that she has killed Raman. She wants to make Simran mad so that her memory never comes back. Amba agrees to get Simran married to Rohan, just to save her from Chandar.

Soumya falls in danger. The kidnappers catch her. She tries to fight with the kidnappers. She manages to run away. Balwinder and his dad want to teach her a lesson and kidnap her. Preeto can do anything to trap Soumya. Soumya sheds tears. She is very much helpless. She has to fill hatred in Harman’s heart for her. She finds this very tough. Preeto asks Soumya to keep doing what she is doing. Soumya is hurting him and making him hate her. She is reminding Harman that she is a kinner. She is doing all this on Preeto’s saying. She wants to be with Harman, but also wants his life to get better.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren does Pooja’s death anniversary puja, when she is alive. He declares that Pooja is dead for him and puts a garland on her photo. He wants to know why did Pooja come back. He hates her and has forgotten all their love. He calls the pandits home and does the puja. Naren calls her family home and provokes them against Pooja. Mama ji slaps Pooja. Pooja tries to explain herself. Mama ji is upset that Pooja has got remarried. He doesn’t want Pooja to stay in Vyas mansion, but she is determined to stay with Naren too change him.


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