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    Naamkarann: DD and Avni try to find Juhi. DD lies to Neil and feels guilty. Ali confronts Juhi for ruining Avni’s life. Juhi tells him that she had a lover with whom she wanted to spend her life. Ali scolds her for agreeing to Dayavanti’s saying. Dayavanti takes Juhi with her and asks Aman to help her meet Avni. Neil finds out Avni’s location and tries to meet Avni. Ali tells Gurumaa that Dayavanti has taken Meher with her, planning to free her. Gurumaa gets angry knowing about Dayavanti’s growing courage against her.

    IPKKND 3:

    Nani tells Advay that she wants to keep a post marriage function to celebrate Chandni’s presence in their house. While Maasi opposes this, Advay supports Nani. Nani gets firm on doing the function. Chandni gets happy when Advay agrees. Nani tells Chandni about the rasam. She asks them to do the rituals by heart and will. Chandni and Advay do the rasam. Advay completes the rituals as Nani guides him.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik thanks Suwarna for helping him know the truth and proving himself right. He tells her that he always knew Manish is a big fraud and now he can prove this to everyone. He shows her Soumya’s documents, which Manish replaced in nick of time, after doubting Suwarna’s move. Kartik still hates Manish and Suwarna. Kartik gets angry on Suwarna for spreading false rumors about his dead mum. He asks her not to dare mislead Naira again. He turns more bitter towards Suwarna. Naira worries as her plan to bring Manish and Kartik closer has failed. Suwarna asks Naira did she check the locker well. Suwarna asks Naira to trust her. Naira tells Suwarna that there was nothing that could make the relation fine, and now their relation has got worse. She gets upset with Suwarna.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ruhi thinks of committing suicide. Ishita reaches her on time and asks her not to take any wrong step. She calls up Raman to get his help, but he doesn’t know anything happening at home. Ruhi realizes she can’t be selfish to cheat her parents by ending her life. She doesn’t take any extreme step. Ishita and Aaliya see Ruhi shattered. Ishita asks Ruhi to stay strong. Ruhi feels awful that Nikhil cheated her. Ishita and Aaliya decide to meet Nikhil and teach him a lesson. Ishita scolds Nikhil for hurting Ruhi’s heart. She wants Raman to deal with Nikhil.


    Rudra seeks Shivay’s help to know a way to earn money and win the challenge given by Bhavya. Gauri reaches the art exhibition. She doesn’t get a good welcome by Omkara. She feels alienated there. Shivay helps Rudra and asks him to sell his stuff to get money. Rudra decides to auction his things and manages to get money to win the challenge. Gauri tries reaching Omkara. She wants to hear from Omkara that she is his inspiration, but he doesn’t name her. The media takes Gauri’s interview. She couldn’t understand the questions in English and creates an embarrassing moment for Omkara. Omkara gets angry on her for making fun of herself and him. Omkara’s behavior upsets Gauri. Rudra completes the challenge and gives the money to Bhavya. She asks him to value money and learn working hard.


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