Imli succeeds to mislead Suraj-Chakor in Udaan


Suraj and Imli have reached Banaras to find Chakor. Imli has a motive to keep Chakor away. She calls Chakor to fill her ears against Suraj. Chakor doesn’t believe her. She tells Imli that she will test her luck and see if Suraj has hatred for her in eyes, than love. She wants to meet Suraj once. She dances in the pandal. Suraj and Imli come there to meet Chakor.

Suraj feels its tough for him to find Chakor in so much crowd. He tells Imli that he has feel Chakor is around him. Imli doesn’t want to find Chakor. She gets Bhaiya ji’s goons along and makes a plan to divide Chakor and Suraj. Chakor prays to meet Suraj. Chakor’s chunri flies to Suraj. Suraj and Chakor see each other. There will be much twist. Chakor and Suraj come face to face in the Navratri pandal. Chakor waits to meet Suraj, and know why does he want to kill her by forgetting all their love.

Imli sends the goon to create the misunderstanding. Suraj aims the gun at the goon behind Chakor to save her life. Chakor gets mistaken that Suraj has come to kill her, as Imli has alerted her. She gets shocked and runs away. Suraj shouts to her and asks her to stop. Imli is happy as her plan has worked. Imli doesn’t want Suraj and Chakor to meet.


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