Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Love Ka Hai Intezaar: Madhav and Kamini come face to face. Kamini gets angry on Mohini for calling Madhav home. She raises hand to slap Mohini. Madhav stops her. Kamini scolds him for coming in her house and holding her hand this way. Kamini asks Mohini to say something, why is she standing silent. Mohini says the truth is out in front of you. Mohini and Ayaan get married. Madhavi and Mohini clear all the confusion and unites Madhav and Kamini. Mohini ends their misunderstanding, which kept them separated for so many years.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:

Piyush asks Dipika why is she not having food. Dipika can’t tell him that she has taken part in the competition. She doesn’t want to have food. Piyush tells her even he won’t have food now. She gets a message from the dance competition organizers. He jokes that they have won a lakh rupees. Dipika laughs knowing this can’t happen. Piyush meets his mum and finds her upset. She doesn’t want him to dance on stage. Even his dad has objection. Piyush’s mum supports him if it gives him happiness. Piyush hugs her and gets emotional.


Avni and Neil got a proof against Gurumaa. Avni tells Neil about Juhi’s trapped state in Rangmahal. Neil breaks down knowing about Juhi. Neil will be exposing women trafficking case. He scolds Avni for risking her life and going to Rang mahal. He asks her does she realize what could have happened with her if Gurumaa saw her. He tells Avni that she will not go anywhere till he passes orders. He gets depressed that Gurumaa has turned Juhi into a Kotha dancer.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira have a challenge. They both want their party to be rocking. Kartik plans Naksh’s bachelors party. Naira plans a hen party for Kirti. Naira teases the boys and makes fun. The boys want their party to be unique. Naira tells Kirti that she has found a theme for them, hip hop will be rocking. Kirti likes Naira’s idea. Ananya, Karishma and Naira are excited for Kirti’s hens party. They want to leave boys behind. There is much tashan going on between both the gangs. Kartik gets to know Naira’s idea. The girls were trying to hide the theme, but fail.


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