Yeh Rishta to present party high jinks and lockup twist


Kartik and Naira have a fight when they realize that both boys and girls teams have selected the same theme. They do a toss and girls win the toss. Naira loves Kartik a lot and can’t see him upset. She suggests something better to Kartik, while Kartik boasts of selecting a new theme. Kartik learns that Manish didn’t cheat Soumya, but she has ended her life as she was not mentally fine. Kartik gets Soumya’s suicide letter, which Manish was hiding till now. He learns Manish always wished good for them. Kartik feels he can’t tolerate this truth and gets his anger out. He breaks down after knowing the entire truth. He has always kept hatred for Suwarna and Manish in his heart. Manish consoles Kartik and helps him in accepting the truth. Kartik comes closer to Manish and is much moved.

Manish gets an antique gun. Akhilesh asks him will it fire. Manish says maybe not, its 100 years old. He checks the gun and likes its look. He keeps the gun safe. The girls choose a musical hip hop theme, and dress up in policemen and dacoits attire. They enjoy the party and do the drama to revive Kirti’s childhood memories. They make Kirti recall their childhood’s cute play moments. Kirti thanks everyone for thinking so much for her. They try to make the drama real. Kirti and Naira will be getting that gun and firing it in their hens party, assuming it to be a fake one. This will bring new twists. Things go wrong in Kirti’s hen party. The women get arrested and land in lockup. The boys dress up as the bikers and go ahead with the knight riders theme, which was suggested by Naira.

Manish asks the boys to race on their bikes. They don’t realize their don’t have the licence along. The police sees the gang racing and catches them to check their bike papers and licence. On failing to produce any documents in front of police, they all get arrested by police and land in lockup. At the police station, the men and women get a shock finding themselves. They all feel embarrassed to share the incident. Naksh and Kirti’s pre marriage party turns memorable for everyone.



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