Durga takes up Gayatri’s challenge in Meri Durga


Durga tells Sanjay about the societal pressures on her family. She wants to focus on just the race championship. She tells Sanjay that she can’t come to his house to fulfill Gayatri’s conditions. Sanjay worries to tell Gayatri that Durga has refused for giving any tests. Gayatri asks Sanjay if Durga is not coming to qualify as her bahu. Sanjay gets speechless. Gayatri tells him that Durga doesn’t deserve to become his life partner, as he is not important in her life. Durga surprises Sanjay by turning up at his house. She accepts Gayatri’s challenge. Durga learns Gayatri is Sanjay’s mum and wants to know more about her.

Durga’s form gets destroyed by Aarti. Yashpal takes Durga’s race form to submit it, but the villagers stop him. Durga’s family faces several problems because of restrictions imposed by angry villagers. Dadi gets thirsty and feels helpless when there is not a single drop of water at home. Dadi falls sick. Dadi somehow manages to get water for Dadi and saves her. Durga saves Yashpal from the goons and they head to submit the form in time.

Yashpal asks the family not to worry for ration and water. He sells the jewelry to get proper food for Durga and family members. He asks Durga to focus on her race practice and get victorious. Yashpal and Sanjay make sure that Durga takes a maintained nutritious diet. Yashpal protects Rajveer and Durga against all odds.


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