Narottam to protect and win Anami’s trust in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Adhiraj gets upset with Anami for cheating him and using him for her motives. He accuses Anami and angrily breaks the phone which he has given her for help. Anami doesn’t know what’s bothering Adhiraj. Dadi gets happy and plans a grand welcome of Anami. She gets the people to play dhol and dance, to cheer up Anami and make her part of their family. Anami too willingly takes part in the celebrations for Vatsalya’s sake. Dadi tells everyone about the ritual where every family member has to wash Anami’s feet and welcome her home. Baldev and Dada ji oppose this ritual.

Dadi convinces Baldev to do the ritual, along with others. Dada ji refuses to do the ritual as he can’t see Anami in Vatsalya’s place. Anami gets announced as the next heir. Dadi promises to get Anami’s rights, which pleases Satrupa. Narottam tries influencing Anami and makes her emotional by gifting her his mum’s bangles. Anami gets touched and promises to protect him.

Adhiraj gets drunk and meets Anami. He doesn’t want to listen to anything. Adhiraj gets close to her, being not in senses. Narottam protects Anami and takes a stand for her. Narottam meets Sudha and tells her how has has protected Anami from the CBI officer. Sudha asks him to keep his focus on Anami and win her trust.

Satrupa asks Anami to stay away from Narottam, as he can’t be trusted. Anami doesn’t pay heed to Satrupa’s warnings. Anami goes out with Narottam. Anami teaches martial arts to Narottam. Narottam’s masculinity looks weird and puts her in doubt. Adhiraj meets Anami to know about every member of Lal Mahal. Anami finds him getting suspicious of her intentions and agrees to help him.


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