Ruhi patches up with Nikhil in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


The family welcomes Kiran at home. Everyone celebrates Bala and Kiran’s marriage. Iyers get glad finding all the rasams done by Ishita at home. The Bhallas and Iyers decide to celebrate Navratri. Ishita plans to tell Ruhi about Nikhil’s truth so that Ruhi finds some peace in her life. Kiran supports Bala and tells him that she wants to take care of his children and become their mum before becoming his wife. Kiran’s sweet gesture wins Bala’s heart. Mrs. Iyer finds Kiran the perfect match for Bala.

Raman takes Mihika’s help and gifts a saree to Ishita, to impress her. Ishita teases him about Mani. She learns Mihika has chosen the gift for him. Raman tells her that he has sent Mihika on his behalf. Raman and Ishita have a romantic moment. Ishita gets busy in work. Ruhi helps Ishita and Raman in work. Ruhi gets to know Nikhil’s truth from Rishi. Rishi tells Ruhi that Nikhil is innocent, and he had no relation with Sujata. Ruhi gets to know Ishita already knew this and didn’t tell her.

Ruhi goes to meet Nikhil and demands him to tell the entire truth to her. Nikhil tries to show Ruhi his fake hatred. Ruhi doesn’t believe him. They both confess love for each other. Ruhi lies to Raman about Nikhil. Romi and Adi come home and give a good surprise to everyone. Everyone feels happy to have them in celebrations. Ruhi too gets a reason to celebrate well, as she got her love back. Ruhi confronts Ishita about Nikhil. She tells Ishita that Nikhil has returned the money which Raman gave him to make him away. She asks Ishita the reason for hiding everything. Ruhi tells Ishita that Nikhil is innocent. She shares the truth with Raman. She asks Raman to understand Nikhil. Raman doesn’t listen to Ruhi and Ishita. Raman doesn’t wish Ruhi to have a complicated life. Ruhi doesn’t listen to Raman. She refuses to part ways with Nikhil.


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