Sherlyn to go a bit far for revenge in Kundali Bhagya


Sherlyn spoils the food to ruin Preeta’s hardwork. Sarla checks the kheer and thinks all the dishes are fine. Sherlyn thinks Rishabh will hate Preeta for her big blunder. She doesn’t want Rishabh to have any feelings for Preeta. She ignores Preeta. Preeta congratulates Rishabh and Sherlyn for their engagement. Preeta makes the party more enjoyable. Shrishti and Sameer ask Rishabh to go for the dance. Rishabh refuses for the dance. He tells everyone that everyone has to do couple dance. Karan gets Preeta as his dance partner. Kritika doubts that Karan and Preeta are having an affair.

Sarla asks the guests to have food. Shrishti informs Preeta that the people are getting sick and are saying there is some poison mixed in the food. She tells her that guests are having vomits and getting serious. Preeta and Rishabh get a shock on knowing this. Sherlyn accepts her black deed in front of Kareena and tells her what made her take this step. She is angry as Rishabh’s mum made Preeta wear the ring. She says everyone will just get unwell, but none will die by the poison. Kareena angrily slaps Sherlyn for her big mistake.


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