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Kundali Bhagya: Preeta and Shrishti meet Sarla in the jail. Sarla asks them to believe in Lord, and take this tough time as some test. She asks her daughters not to cry, as this will break my courage. Shrishti gets an idea to prove Sarla’s innocence. She tells Sarla that she will take the blame on her, so that Sarla gets free. Sarla asks Shrishti not to do such a big mistake. She showers love on them, and asks them to just take care of themselves if she wants to see her fine.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren gets worried for Supriya and takes a check on her health. He learns she is stable now. Naren’s bitterness keeps angering him and making him more far from his loved ones. Naren feels much hurt emotionally and takes the support of wine. He drinks and thinks of Pooja’s words, how she has saved him from the girls’ trap and got him home. Pooja has done a favor on him again, by saving him from defamation. Naren feels guilty, and angered. He falls in a mixed emotions dilemma. He changes his plan of hurting Supriya. He feels he can’t harm Supriya to trap Pooja. Pooja learns about Supriya’s health fallen in risk.


Devanshi asks Kalki not to have any food by anyone’s hand. Kalki and Nutan get free from Maya’s sin trap. Devanshi answers Vardaan’s tortures. She gives the divorce papers to Vardaan. Maya thinks of using Vardaan’s jealousy against Devanshi and Pavan’s relation. Pavan helps Devanshi in saving Kalki from Maya’s planning. Devanshi and Pavan think of taking help from Mohan, who is biological father of Kalki. Devanshi hopes Mohan will be saving Kalki from Kusum Sundari and Maya’s planning. Devanshi and Pavan plan to get Mohan back in Jwalapuri. Vardaan comes with with an evil plan.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kirti’s friend sends her a surprise in the party. The girls get back seeing the male dancer, and send him away faster. The girls fall in trouble when Naira fires a ral gun in the play. The licenced gun belongs to Manish Goenka. Naira fears for family name to get in trouble. The boys compete in a road race, breaking the rules. Police catch them too.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi learns about Purab’s house burning in the fire incident. Abhi gets a huge shock knowing this and gets hurt that Purab didn’t share this with him. He feels Purab didn’t tell him anything thinking it will be a burden on him, but Purab just wanted Abhi and Pragya to be happy. Abhi asks Purab was it a burden if he always called him when he missed his parents, when he shared his heart out thinking Purab is his best friend. He tells Purab that he has always kept friendship, while Purab just did his responsibility towards him. Abhi helps out Purab with all his brotherly rights. Pragya supports Abhi in his decision.


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