Simar’s comeback to shock Bhairavi in Sasural Simar Ka


Bhairavi challenges Mata Rani. She says I have made Simar away from here, but you got the blame. She says like I have ruined Simar’s identity, I will end your identity and send you in darkness, like I have crushed Simar’s belief and devotion, I will end your thinking, none will pray to you, none will worship you or light diya, like I have sent Simar in darkness, your world will be surrounded by darkness from now on. Bhairavi gets a black cloth to cover the idol. The cloth burns by the diya. It gets stormy.

Simar comes back home alive and fine. Bhairavi gets a shock seeing Simar alive. Simar has returned in Devi avatar. The family gets happy when they get Simar back on Navratri. Bhairavi is scared. She can’t believe Simar is alive, as she has killed Simar by her own hands. She faints by the shock. Simar does the aarti with her family. Mata ji is happy that her belief in Mata Rani didn’t fail. Sameer asks her to open eyes, what happened to her. They take Bhairavi to room. The family gets glad to have Simar back, as they can’t imagine life without her.



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