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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj and Devi celebrate their wedding night. Devi knows Adhiraj hates her. Adhraj scares and hurts her. Devi holds the knife and thinks to use it to save her respect. Devi is mistaken that Adhiraj has planned everything and fell more cheaper. She thinks to attack him. He says you like to dance and dress up. He breaks her bangles to hurt. He madly laughs. Adhiraj doesn’t have any love for her. He turns intense. He tells her that he didn’t had any plans to spend time with her. They both doubt on each other for planning the night. Adhiraj rejects her himself. He says even if you dance like an Apsara in front of me, I will never love you. He expresses his bitterness.

Santoshi Maa:
Prabal stabs himself to stay back in Santoshi’s house. Santoshi feels bad for him, as she has witnessed Prabal risking his life to help her. She prays to Santoshi Maa to save Prabal’s life. She says he has done a lot for my family, if anything happens to him, I will be feeling guilty. Devi Paulmi asks Devi Santoshi to protect Prabal’s life. She gives a warning to Devlok members.



Avni hides so that goons don’t catch her. She tries to find Ali. The goons tries to harm Ali. Neil and Avni meet in Rangmahal. They see each other after many days. She didn’t expect Neil will come this way. Neil and Avni have a cute moment. She gets hurt by a thorn. Neil removes the thorn from her foot. She gets surprised seeing him. She has mixed emotions. Neil, Ali and DD beat the goons in Rangmahal. Ali understands Neil and Avni’s love. Ali feels they are made for each other, and gives the best wishes.

Mannu and Raj try hard to make Simran recall the past. Raj tells Mannu that Mohini has shot Raman by hiding behind the tree. Simran recovers her memory. Raj and Mannu expose Mohini and provoke her to say the truth. Chandar plans to marry Mannu. Mohini accepts her crime and gets arrested. Chandar tells them that he knows they are making Simran act to get Mohini punished. He says you all can’t fool me by this drama. He orders Mannu to marry him.

Kundali Bhagya:
Karan tries to know if Sherlyn was really involved in the food poisoning case. He tells her that Preeta thinks Sherlyn is behind the incident, Preeta was finding her out. Sherlyn gets tensed thinking her crime will get known to all.

Woh Apna Sa:
Jhanvi and Aditya spend time with the kids and have good moments. Nisha gives the supari to the goon and asks him to kill Aditya. Jhanvi gets informed about Nisha trying to harm Aditya. She gets a big shock and worries for Aditya’s life.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Pragya tries to act like Munni and know Tanu’s plan. Tanu believes she is Munni and shares Aaliya’s evil plan with her. Tanu tells her that Aaliya is planning to kill Disha. Aaliya gets mad with jealousy on seeing Purab and Disha close. Tanu says Aaliya’s problems will solve when Disha dies. Pragya gets a shock hearing this.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2:
Shubh cries for Sonakshi. Ishwari tells Dev that Shubh wants his mum. Dev takes Shubh and manages him. Sonakshi manages the office. Suhana gets stomach infection. Dev and Sonakshi take Suhana to the doctor. Ishwari says Suhana was complaining about the stomach ache since morning, we should have taken her to doctor before. She asks them to get Suhana home.


Naina has come to Chauhan house by getting a maid’s disguise. Karan identifies Naina. He romances her. Karan lifts her veil. Naina tries to leave. Karan tells her that he knows its her. The couple hugs. Karan is happy that Naina is taking care of Dada ji. Sandhya comes there. Naina puts ghunghat on her face and lies to Sandhya that she has come here to clean room.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren’s love has turned into hatred. He makes Pooja’s drawing and throws colors on her. He says very soon even Pooja will be crying like this. Naren wants to see tears in her eyes. He ruins her drawing. He has changed a lot. He has got restless. Pooja is a step ahead of him. He vents out frustration on the drawing. He got busy to hurt her. He is angry on himself for falling in love with Pooja. Pooja challenges Naren that she will make him go back to take Supriya’s help, else she will name him entire business of Mr. Kapoor.


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