Kanak to oppose Uma’s Guru ji in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Uma’s Guru ji has come home. Kanak gets to see how Guru ji follows a strict regime. Uma asks Kanak not to come around Guru ji, as he doesn’t like any disturbance in his Tapasya. Uma welcomes him. Guru ji asks him to get any knife or stick. Uma blindly believes him. He tells Guru ji that he will not question or refuse to him, he will surely do as he says. Guru ji tells him that he has no habit to hear anyone’s refusal. Kanak tells Uma that he has chosen Guru ji when she asked him to choose between or Guru ji, but his eyes show that he has made a wrong choice. Kanak will be ending Uma’s blind belief.

Guru ji keeps a demand and asks Uma to make Saraswati his helper. Uma agrees to make Saraswati a Sevika for Guru ji. Maasi sends her to market to get few things. Saraswati gets hurt. Everyone asks her about the wound. Saraswati taunts the family that her wounds also changed like her life. She applies salt on her wounds than haldi. She gets more hurt. Saraswati sounds upset as she doesn’t want to live a Sevika’s life. Kanak will take a stand for Saraswati.


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