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Shakti: Soumya confesses her love to Harman, but the lovers can’t unite because of someone’s bad sight. Soumya tells Harman that she loves him a lot. Harman hugs her and gets much happy. He was going to take Sanyaas and reached Mata Rani temple. He has kept his marriage ring in the temple and got leaving. Soumya was worried with the news that Harman is leaving his social life. She hides from all kinners and reaches the temple to meet Harman. She tells him that she knows she has no right to love, but she loves him a lot, as much as he loves her, it was her dream to get someone like him.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren’s life falls in danger. Pooja finds him wounded and locked up in a coffin. Pooja gets worried seeing him unconscious. His breath starts falling. Pooja tries to revive him. She feels like losing Naren. Rahul has sent the girls to kidnap Naren. Naren was tortured by the girls, who were cheated by him. Naren didn’t expect this to happen. The girls had beaten him and put him in the coffin to bury him. Naren was close to death. The girls had buried him, but Pooja reached there on time and saved him.


Naksh’s baraat comes to Goenka house. Everyone was waiting for Naksh and Kirti’s marriage. Naksh is much upset, as Naitik didn’t return from his work trip. Naksh wanted Naitik to tie his sehra. The families were waiting for this big day. Everyone gets ready for the function. Baisa wards off bad sight from Naksh. Yash asks Naksh not to have an upset face, else everyone else will also get affected. Naksh learns Naitik’s flight is late. He asks Naira where is Naitik. Naira tells him that Naitik called up and said he can’t reach on time.

Woh Apna Sa:

Nisha tells Aditya that if he can’t become of her, she will not let him become of Jhanvi. She injures Aditya. Aditya gets worried for Jhanvi. He fears for her life. He learns Jhanvi got kidnapped. He reads Nisha’s letter. Aditya tries to reach Nisha to save Jhanvi. Nisha kidnaps Aditya as well. She plays evil and tortures him. She tells him that she is doing this to get his love. He tells her that she can never win his love.


Neil, Avni and Aman burn Rangmahal and run away. Avni’s attempts succeeded. She has saved everything and also burnt the Lanka as thought. Avni and Aman have done Dayavanti’s Daahan. They see the Rangmahal burning. Police arrives there to arrest Aman. Neil tells Aman that he will save him, as he has supported the right. Neela and Nanno reach there and get happy seeing Avni fine. They hug Avni. Avni tells them how Aman has gone against Dayavanti and proved he is Aisha’s son. Neil gets Avni home. Shweta heartily accepts her. Shweta welcomes Avni. She apologizes to Avni. She used to dislike Avni. She is now pampering Avni with love. She looks for Neil.


Maya gets after Arjun. Ayaan takes Aarohi away from home. Saanjh feels helpless and cries. Arjun understands that Ayaan is taking this step for Aarohi’s betterment. He promises Saanjh that he will soon find out Maya. Arjun gets his team to find Maya and kill her. Arjun tracks Maya and reaches a place, but he fails to catch Maya. He gets a clue of Maya’s presence, when he finds his name written in heart on the wall. He realizes Maya is playing a game with him.



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